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The Irish Biltong Company

We have been with Irish Biltong since the beginning, designing and building their e-commerce website, retail packaging, exhibition and point-of-sale graphics. We continue to support Irish Biltong with their online strategy in a variety of ways; collating and managing their web content, producing their online video ads and corresponding material, and consulting on a regular basis.

Webbuddy give a fantastic service; development of websites, branding, and follow up support. Their approach is extremely professional and always accommodating.
Noreen Doyle, Owner Irish Biltong Company

Partner Profile

Sanctuary Synthetics

Sanctuary Synthetics are Ireland’s premier supplier of artificial grass lawns for homes, schools, crèches, retail, exhibition and corporate use, established over a decade ago in 2006 by Mark 0Laughlin. But even Sanctuary Synthetics had to start somewhere …

James in Webbuddy is the go to guy for cutting edge sales orientated webstuff, end of story!
Mark O’Loughlin, Owner and Founder.


WindInduct provides simple, safe and secure online windfarm inductions, with an automated certification process and customisable course content.

WindInduct Web Design by WebBuddy

The Brief

WindInduct needed an online learning and certification portal that Wind Farm Owners (their clients) could have dedicated windfarm inductions for engineers and site visitors. Each wind farm could have a customised course specific to that site that would be certified.

The fully responsive site uses a CMS (Content Management System) as its core platform with the structure and front-end customised to the clients needs. We continue to provide ongoing technical and training support for the installation as it is expanding its customer base

WindInduct Web Design by WebBuddy

James and the team at Webbuddy worked with us on our windfarm site induction website”.

From the start, the guys were extremely knowledgeable, proactive and solution-focused. Their focus was not just on what we as their customer wanted but on what our customers would want. Rather than a service provider, web-buddy were our partner in this project. They continuously focused on how the end product should function and found innovative ways to get around technical issues introduced by third parties. The team were also very easy to get on with and were very amenable when project changes were introduced.

I look forward to continuing our partnership on this and other future projects, and highly recommend them.

Ronan O’Meara, Director, WindInduct

Talgroup Ltd

Talbot Building and Civil Engineering is a family run and owned business. Run by Vincent & Kay Talbot, the Company has grown from a sole trader into one of the most diverse construction companies of its size in Leinster.

Talgroup Web Design by WebBuddy

The Brief

What Talgroup needed was a simple website that clearly outlined their primary services. Aligned with a targeted online ad campaign the website generates a healthy amount of leads for their business.

The fully responsive site uses the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to give the client the ability to manage and add new content themselves

Talgroup Web Design by WebBuddy

Kate&Pippa Clothing

Kate&Pippa is a leading Irish casualwear brand aimed at the modern fashion-conscious woman. Known for its great fit, original prints and wide selection of styles, the Kate&Pippa brand is highly coveted, selling successfully in independent boutiques as well as department stores.

Kate&Pippa Web Design by WebBuddy

The Brief

Kate&Pippa Clothing needed a slick website that showcased their brand in a contemporary design that would generate leads from their B2B channel and that their trade customers could use to order online, with a custom customer portal that would assist in the day to day running of the business.

The fully responsive site uses the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and WooCommerce to give the client the ability to manage the online shop, process and confirm orders, as well as editing existing content and, adding new content themselves.

Kate&Pippa Web Design by WebBuddy

DW Smart Repair

DW Smart Repair can get your vehicle back to its original look, and because they are mobile, they can carry out the repair at your home, workplace, or any convenient location, by an ATA accredited repair technician in a fully equipped van.

DWSmartRepair Web Design by WebBuddy
DW Smart Repair web design by WebBuddy

The Brief

DW Smart Repair offered a brilliant service but what they needed was a website that would simply promote their many auto repair services and highlight the ease of organising a repair wherever you are (work or home).

Their fully responsive site uses WordPress and the content is structured to organically gain a foothold in the Search Engine rankings.

I contacted Web Buddy as I wanted to upgrade my website to one that could adapt itself to be viewed on different devices and to bring it up to date with the latest technology … after only a few weeks of the site going live I noticed I was getting far more calls and emails from customers requesting quotes than I did from the old site. I am relieved to have found a company that lives up to their promises. I highly recommend Web Buddy
Derek Whitfield, Owner