Web Design & Development

Need A Thoroughbred Service?

OK, Lets start with one simple question …

What Should Your Website Be Doing For You?

It may seem obvious, but it is the most important question to ask when considering a web development project for your business.

Web Design & Development

Looking For A Thoroughbred Service?

OK, Lets start with one simple question …

What Should Your Website Be Doing For You?

It may seem obvious, but it is the most important question to ask when considering a web development project for your business.

Start With A Chat

Before we get into the techie and web design stuff, we need to understand the marketing purpose of your website. 

Thats the brief, the template for the project.  It provides us with the guiding principles for the new website, or campaign.

The Website Purpose

Generate leads for your business?
Find new online customers?
Increase E-Commerce sales?
High organic ranking in the search engines?
Launch of a new product or service?
Provide a better user experience?
Increase brand awareness?

Whatever you need to do online, you need to have a purpose. Get that bit right and you will be well on the road to internet success.

Create A Plan

You know what you want. We know how to deliver it. Whatever the vision you have in mind we can help you realise it.

Through our unique collaborative process, we will discuss your plan, your vision, your budget and your timeline. WebBuddy will draw up a web-based strategy that suits your business and doesn’t suit your competitors.

Design The Message

We will work with you to design a website that reflects your vision of your brand. We will create a brand relevant site that achieves our agreed set of goals.

When you meet a customer online you don’t want to lose them. Through our collaborative design process we ensure that your site is the one that people remember and notice. 


"Webbuddy give a fantastic service from development of websites, branding, and follow up support. Their approach is extremely professional and always accommodating.”

Develop For Purpose

From concept to going live – its about making sure your website works towards a defined purpose. 

It works when a customer opens the page from his old Mac or her brand new Samsung, it works with Internet Explorer and Chrome, on desktops, on tablets and on phones. 

If a customer clicks on a link they go to that link. Sounds obvious right? What do we do?

Test, test, test, test, test!

Launch Your New Website!

Your website will target the customers you have and the customers you want. It will ensure that once they visit the website they stay there. 

Using your content and product/service we will create a beacon site that attracts new customers.

We’ll train you how to use it, manage it to perform well for the long-term and support your business as best it can. We’ll support you however you need it.

This is a beginning, not an end.

When is a website more than a website? At WebBuddy we understand that in business nowadays you need more than just a new website or new web design.

Expand Your Website

We work with our clients to integrate other essential elements of their business to synchronise with their website or web portal. 

What does that mean? It means integrating your stock system with your  E-Commerce portal. It means integrating your CRM (such as Salesforce or Zoho) directly with your website. 

Website Integration

So, if you have a customer sign-up to your newsletter on your website, that will sync with your customer contacts in the CRM that you use internally. 

Someone fills out a form – that syncs with your CRM also.  Someone buys a product on your website – that syncs with your inventory system. 


"… after only a few weeks of the site going live I noticed I was getting far more calls and emails from customers requesting quotes than I did from the old site. I am relieved to have found a company that lives up to their promises. I highly recommend Web Buddy"

Managed Web Services

Which server you choose matters; we will explain to you in non-techie speak why it does.

We will ensure that the server setup you choose as a home for your site is the one most suitable for the guests you intend to have.

Don’t worry, we have you covered – we’ve done it all before.

Website Speed & Safety

E-commerce sites in particular need specific safety mechanisms, SSL certs, secure server encryptions and fast servers to perform at their best.

Google also takes page speed into account in their organic algorithms, which has as much to do with server choice as it does clean code and optimised images!

We'll Solve All Your Web Needs

We can manage your Domain Registration, Email & Website Hosting, Website Security & Monitoring, and Server Management requirements.

WebBuddy only wants to dazzle you with its excellence and commitment to our shared cause, not with confusing jargon.

Staff Website Training

Right so. Your new website is gleaming. It runs like a brand new mind controlled Ferrari, end of story right? Wrong. Really wrong. No point in having the nicest shop, the fanciest building if nobody knows about it.

We want to ensure that your website remains the hottest site in town. We want your staff to use it every day. To maximise, to exploit, to optimise – to use it to its utmost potential.

Web Strategy

We understand that the value of the project continues to grow and evolve after the launch. We saw that often improvement and general upkeep was neglected allowing for the site to go into disuse.

So we designed a one year consultancy program. This program was created to guarantee back end objectives are met and new forward looking goals are set.

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